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DevOps: Advanced DevOps Practices/Processes-1

DevOps:Advanced DevOps Practices/Processes-1:
Following are more than the DevOps concepts, a Practitioner need to practice. So we can call them as part of Advanced DevOps practices also.

I have made a material and a discussion video which answers the below questions topic wise.

  1. What are the DevOps Loop activities ?
  2. What are the DevOps Patterns and Practices as per the Gartner ?
  3. What are the processes ?
  4. What is Culture in DevOps ?
  5. What is Technology ?
  6. Who are the People ?
  7. What are the bodies of Knowledge in DevOps in view of Agile and Scrum ?
  8. How the IT service management [ITSM] can be aligned with DevOps/Agile ?
  9. How the Quality Management Systems [QMS] can be connected with DevOps ?
  10. How the Automated testing life cycle can be connected ?
  11. How the Cloud Security is connected with DevOps ?
  12. How the Microservices and SOA are connected with DevOps ?
  13. What is Site Reliability Engineering [SRE] and how it is connected with DevOps ?
  14. What is Continuous Delivery Matrix Index [CDI] in DevOps ?
  15. How the CDI is connected with 5 maturity levels during practices ?

The attached Video has the discussions on the above topics.