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Cloud Architect Consulting – Coaching for independent consultants

Are you working as Cloud Architect or dealing with them ? Then read/check the below content for different issues with the role.

  1. Are you frustrated with light knowledged people for Cloud Architect Consulting ?
  2. Are they not capable to understand the legacy infra methods towards Cloud migration ?
  3. Are you keen in getting competent Cloud Architect Consulting  skills ?
  4. Do you want to build as Competent Cloud Architect by self or for your company ?
  5. Are you not able to do a Gap analysis from TRADITIONAL infra to AWS services and always backouts are happening and your management is upset for budget ?
  6. Did you study/observe the reasons for all the above ?
  7. Why the pink slips became common for Cloud solution architects ?
  8. Are you keen in converting the role into Cloud Technical Account Manager [TAM], for end to end Cloud projects delivery ?

If you are an independent Cloud consultant and working with multiple clients for migrations planning, designing this might give value addition for excelling your services.

For some of the high level points analysis, watch this consultation video and further information/coaching please connect me in FB and Linkedin [https://www.linkedin.com/in/vskumaritpractices/] to gain rapid speed in your AWS consulting work.

This is one on one coaching with the discussed TOC in the course video. Finally you will come up with a complete roadmap for a client what you need to follow as per the standards.

Before coming to me, please let you understand the real Cloud architect role description as Gartner published in the past, visit the discussion done from the below video:

To avail this coaching:

A) you should be certified and has been working on AWS solutions atleast for 2 years.

B) You should have PM experience also.

Note: You might have achieved number of AWS certifications. But with that knowledge, globally many people are not able to perform the Cloud Architect roles with the customers due to lack of infra knowledge/process/methodology. And within 3 months they are being served pink slips. So, you need to look around what you need to learn further in this competency acceleration world to become strong Cloud Architect. Remember; nobody can guide you in your job to sustain there during its execution. You need to look for alternate plans to upgrade the knowledge by special coaching. Then only you can quote for higher billing as an independent Cloud Architect solutions consultant. Hope this gives clarity for your strategic planning.

I hope you have seen my AWS Coaching specimen on the URL: https://www.facebook.com/vskumarcloud/videos/

Due to lacks of certified professionals are available globally in the market, to differentiate them on their needs/selection, most of the clients are asking on the real experience gained or aware of it on the candidate what he/she has ?

In my coaching I concentrate to gain the real Cloud Architecture implementation experience by the participant rather than pushing the course to them. Verify the videos.

Contact for your real Cloud experiences learning and gaining with me and crack the interviews to get offers in AWS Roles globally or even you can transition to the role in the same company after facing the client interview.
Please connect me on FB and have a discussion on your background and the needs/goals. I am looking for the serious learners.