How can you measure and strengthen your customer service ?

Every service provider might feel they are the best in the industry in giving service to their customers. But in reality once they get the feedback from customer they will be either thrilled or hurt by the rating given by their customer. This  blog can help the vendors to analyze or recap the process involved in measuring their services effectively.

Every provider can design and offer the same or similar services in the current competent world. But your business continuity [BCP] needs to be there always with the customer. Your unique selling point [USP] needs to be differentiated for strategic business with the customer.

When customer accepted the service and entered into SLAs how can you measure the Quality of services [QOS]?

In general most of the service providers might follow some of the following steps once the service is started:

Every service provider keeps checking the Customer satisfaction [CSAT] ratings periodically instead of checking the quality of services.

When CSAT is not as expected, as a service provider one might get sudden hurt.

Then the internal burning issues might start. When they recap the reasons or root causes one might find some of the following:

Proper attention was not paid on the customer issues resolution.

Internal issues were not identified when the programme has been initiated or during execution. Those became like strategic burning issues and led to customer dissatisfaction. Even if the CSAT period is beyond 3-6 months, there is a possibility of contract discontinuation for next term.

In such case, how can you apply a remedy for your BCP ?

By consolidating all the steps I wrote an E-Book which is available in the below image location for Kindle:


Click on the image.Vcard-Shanthi Kumar V

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