Talent acquisition and retention management

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To know what is a competency, watch the below video:

In the current competitive global market, talent and the retention management is a major challenge to any small or midsized company.

I wrote this article to cove the following contents for a mid or small sized IT services company to function cost effectively by using some of the below practices.

Audience: This content is not only useful for HR teams and also to the heads of the talent management groups, HR Policy makers, Delivery teams, Sales/marketing teams, etc… who all are responsible for resources retention and grooming within the organization to demonstrate the resource costing effectively and efficiently on a quarterly basis with the accelerated ROI.


1. What is skills assessment?

2. What is competency?

3. What is Talent?

4. What is talent Acquisition?

5. What is the role of recruitment team?

6. The Talent acquisition needs to go through with whom?

7. What are the steps need to be adopted for talent acquisition?

8. What are the steps to follow after talented professionals are acquired?

I wrote a book on How to control cost for IT services – Startup company: Managing cost control for IT startup company Kindle Edition” it has a separate chapter on this topic.

Cover-Control Cost-startup

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