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Agile: How Agile is different from other Development models ?

In this Video you will see:

  1. How Agile is different from other Development models ?
  2. What are the business benefits we can get by using Agile model ?
  3. What is the duration of SDLC delivery cycles in the past and in Agile ?
  4. What are the iterations in Agile and how they function ?
  5. What is Agile Sprint planning ?
  6. What is Test Drive Development [TDD] in Agile/Sprint ?
  7. How the test automation can be implemented ?
  8. How the Parallel work is planned with different roles in Agile ?
  9. How the team collaboration is made in Agile ?
  10. How the testing process is applied in Agile model ?
  11. How A Test Analyst need to work with the Agile team ?
  12. What is informal review process in Agile ?
  13. What are the tasks during informal review process in Agile ?

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