Cloud cum DevOps Coaching: How to filter the fake profile ?

Cloud cum DevOps Coaching: How to filter the fake profile ?


In IT industry the fake profiles burning is there since 2.5 decades as I am aware.

With my past experiences, I would like to share the below points to consider along with your planning/actions to reject them.

If you see a fake profile, they write every technology related to the activity. With multiple technologies/tools usage in a single project is not possible. Any project can use one or two tools only with limited budget.

You need to consider a scenario as per the resume points mentioned.

And design a POC, and ask the candidate to do it in a given time.

[Your POC can be designed as per the JD requirement also.]

Also monitor his POC steps execution, like is there any proxy guy doing it.

First you get the candidate’s IP address. And monitor his IPs actions through a tool.

You also ask him to share the screen, with a recording option from your laptop.

And finally once he has done, ask him in a different paths how this POC can be designed ?

Note: I will be adding in future some more points in this blog.

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Folks, Greetings!

Are you getting burnt with Fake profiles ?

Are you fed up with your recruiters profiles ?

Just be aware most of the large IT cos have the recruiters scam for higher CTC positions. They are tied up with many placement agencies. These recruiters will be getting 20-25% of the CTC as advance once the offer is released. How they manage the interviews ?These recruiter will have tie up with agencies and proxy interviewers. Hence they will be selected well. Later the issues are with the delivery team to spend enormous time to filter them in different ways by burning the delivery team’s time/efforts. Go through the below blogs with some TIPs to follow. Please note this kind of issues are there since decades. But with modern technologies accelerating many fake people are appearing to enter into IT Industry.
Good luck in your selection process without being attacked by your recruiter’s scam/cheating your organization. I know this is a painful activity, but no other go to accept and eradicate for pure profiled people.

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