How to screen your phone interviewed/selected person after join ?

How to screen your phone interviewed/selected person after join ?

This is an awareness blog I am spreading to the IT professionals community.

How the fake interviews are being conducted ?

How the proxy interviews are being handled by many body shoppers ?

How the NON-Competent person is being offerred with higher CTC ?

How [some of] the recruitment teams make money towards bringing fake guys into the delivery teams ?

How the delivery team are ignoring with their client burning hours [not focusing on originality] ?

Before going further, you need to get the answers for all the above from my past blogs listed below:

Cloud cum DevOps Coaching: How to filter the fake profile ? | Building Cloud cum DevOps Architects (

Mock interview practice – Contact for AWS/DevOps/SRE roles [not for Proxy!!] – for original profile only | Building Cloud cum DevOps Architects (

Finally, with all of your efforts you are not comfortable with the HR pushed candidates, through the top management pressures.

Now how to smoke test the joined person ?:

Step1:Just have a call with the new joinee. Record his voice and compare it during the interview you did recording. If it is different, obviously he used the Proxy services to fake his selection process.

Step2: Check his resume. You compare with your current project tasks. Identify one task and give him to complete infront of you. If he is fake guy, he will do lot of work around.

Step3: Ask him to orient one of your development team members on his recent process followed and implemented the cloud/DeveOps tasks. Where that task is more relevant for your current project need.

Step4: If he is succeeded in the above tasks, identify some more tasks. If he is through you don’t need to worry. He is a capable guy.

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