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How to grab offers for Cloud and DevOps roles ?


The Cloud jobs market demand is accelerating.

The real skills acquired people availability is limited, comparatively the certified people size. Most of the certified people are not grooming their skills required for live activities. Many employers are rejecting the certified people due to these reasons.

I have been coaching the Cloud certified and practiced people well on live similar tasks since years. During 2020-2021, I have tested my coaching framework with NON-IT Folks also. They were very succesfull with 100% plus hiked offers. Some student from startup companies also got 200% plus hiked multiple offers.

My coached students profiles are being attracted by the recruiters of Accencture, Cap Gemini and other Cloud services companies.

After completion of the coaching I groom them for interviews also by taking different Job Descriptions. With that mock interviews, they gain experiences for interviews also.

See this video:

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To see some of the exceptionally successful candidates reviews, visit the below URL:

Harshad Feedback on his multiple offers – Cloud Live projects skills coaching

For certified people only ——> Folks, Watch this interview video on how AWS advises the certified people to work on the job skills. The real IT People are struggling to build these job skills. With my POCs in the course these issues will be nullified, for the people who attend my course and complete successfully . And those will be your references to prove. I can demonstrate the past NON IT people achievements. DM me for details to join. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kFk0iYCssk&feature=youtu.be,

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