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AWS: A developer needs his Mysql Data setup on EC2 VMs [Linux/Windows] – EBS usage

A developer needs his MySql Data setup on EC2 VMs [Linux/Windows]:

Following video is the discussion for following methods towards usage of different AWS services and their integration:

Study the following also:


Many Clients are asking the candidates to setup the AWS Infra by giving a scenario based steps. One of our course participants applied for the role of a Pre-sales Engineer, with reference to his past experience.

We have followed the below process to come up with the required setup in two parts, from the client given document.

Part-I: Initially, we have analyzed the requirement and come up with detailed design steps. And tested them. The below video it shows the tested steps discussion and the final solution also. [ be patient for 1 hr]

Part-II: In the second stage; we have used the tested steps to create the AWS infra environment. This is done by the candidate who need to build this entire setup. The below video has the same demo [be patient for 2 hrs].


You can watch the below blog/videos to decide to join for a coaching: