4. Cloud Defects:What could be the reasons for Costly defects ? [A video Discussion]

If you want to know the previous blogs on the root causes of creating costly defects in Cloud , you can go through below blogs and videos:




So now, from the below chart; we will see as per this blog subject what kind of costly defects can be created and the reasons under different management and team practices, and the work culture lacking scenarios.

How the Costly Cloud Defects can be controlled ?

You can watch the below video.

If you are working in Cloud projects this might be for you to scale up with coaching and mentoring on AWS Solutions usage.

Read the video description also.

One might have AWS-SAA certificate. But they need the domain knowledge also on how/where/when to use these AWS services. So this coaching gives you that kind of feeling after completion. If you are really keen and ready to spend weekly 15+ hrs for self practice, this might be suitable to scale up in the Cloud era.

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