AWS Coaching: What is the role of a solution architect vs AWS support in a migration project ?

Folks, If you are on AWS learning, this is for you.

How the Legacy infra Migration into AWS works ?

There are series of activities need to be performed towards infra migration into AWS. This video can give some jumpstart to know in 1000 feet height. Also, If you want to know: The role of a solution architect vs AWS support in a migration visit this video:’‘, To learn the series of activities what all will be ? how you need to plan and execute them in a Cloud project as Architect ?, to know them, you need to attend my Cloud Architect course and do some projects to be competent in the job market for higher CTC. For some more details Visit my site: , Learning the projects activities is mandated before show casing you as a Cloud professional. Either you learn by self or get some support from mentors. Through coaching means your time will be saved and ASAP you will be in higher CTC with reference to the accelerated market demand and your ROI also will be greater.

Suggestions for the real hardworking Professionals:

Today’s investment of your Efforts is going to be your future’s guaranteed position in IT. Pinks slips should be 1000 miles away from you. The recruiters need to chase you always, on your availability of fixing the infra/Devops projects. This kind of courage and capability you need to build to sustain in the current modern technology implementation in IT.

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