Cloud cum DevOps coaching: Various DevOps and SRE roles


The DevOps practices vary from one organization to another one.

While coaching the people on Cloud and DevOps activities for their desired role, I also discuss with them on the Job Portals JDs also for different jobs. Then I pull some activities from those JDs also to include in their POCs delivery. This way they can demonstrate these experiences also along with the past IT role experiences.

Some of the roles were pulled from Different Countries Job Portals and discussed with my coaching participants. The Year on Year as the technology changes these roles JD points also can vary from the employers needs.

First let us understand, What are the Insight of DevOps Architect as on 2022: This has the detailed discussions. Its is useful for 10+ years IT SDLC experienced people. [ for Real profiled people]:

Role of Sr. Manager-DevOps Architect: We have discussed Role from a company NY, USA.

At Many places globally they ask the ITSM experiences also for DevOps roles.

You can see the discussion on the role of Sr. DevOps Director with ITSM:

Mock interview for DevOps Manager:

A discussion with 2.5 decades plus years of IT exp. professional.

DevSecOps implementation was discussed in detail. One can learn from this discussion, how the SDLC solid experienced people are eligible for these roles.

What will be A typical AWS Cloud Architect [CA] role activities:

In each company the CA role activities vary. In this JD you can see how the CA and DevOps activities are expected together to have the experience. You can see the below discussion video:

What is the role of PAAS DevOps Engineer on Azure Cloud ?:

This video has the Mock interview with a DevOps Engineer for a JD of CA, USA based Product company. One can understand what capabilities are lacking in self through this JD. Each company will have their own JD, the requirement is different.

This Mock interview was done against to a DevOps Architect Practitioner [Partner] for a Consulting company JD, Where the candidate applied. You can see difference between a DevOps Engineer and this role.

This video has a quick discussion on DevOps Process review:

Our next Topic come as SRE.

I used to discuss these topics with one of my coaching participants, this can give some clarity.
What is Site Reliability Engineering [SRE]?
In this discussion video it covers the below points:
What is Site Reliability Engineering [SRE]?
What are SRE major components ?
What is Platform Engineering [PE] ?
How the Technology Operations [TO] is associated with SRE ?
What the DevOps-SRE diagram contains ?
How the SRE tasks can be associated with DevOps ?
How the Infrastructure activity can be automated for Cloud setup ?
How the DevOps loop process works with SRE, Platform Engineering[PE] and TO ?
What is IAC for Cloud setup ?
How to get the requirements of IAC in a Cloud environment ?
How the IAC can be connected to the SRE activity ?
How the reliability can be established through IAC automation ?
How the Code snippets need to/can be planed for Infra automation ?

SRE1-Mock interview with JD====>

This interview was conducted against to the JD of a

Site Reliability Engineer for Bay Area, CA, USA.

The participant is with 4+Years of DevOps/Cloud experience with total 10+ years of global IT experience worked with different social/product companies.

You can see his multiple interview practices exercised for different JDs for his future to attack the global Job Market for Cloud/DevOps roles.

Sr. SRE1-Mock interview with JD for Senior Site Reliability Engineer role.

This interview was conducted against to the JD of a

Sr. Site Reliability Engineer for Bay Area, CA, USA.

In DevOps There are different roles while performing a SPRINT Cycle delivery. This video talks a scenario based activities/tasks.

What is DevOps Security ?:

In 2014 Gartner published a paper on DevOps. In it they have mentioned what are the Key DevOps Patterns and Practices through People, Culture, Processes and Technology.

You can see from my other blogs and discussion videos:

How to make a decision for future Cloud cum DevOps goals ?

In this videos we have analyzed different aspects on the a) The IT recession for legacy roles, b) The IT layoffs or CTC cut , c) The IT competition world, d) What an Individual need to do with different situations analysis to invest now the efforts and money for future greater ROI, d) Finally; Learn by self or look for an experienced mentor and coacher to build you into Cloud cum DevOps Architecting roles to catch the JOB offers at the earliest.


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