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Mock interview practice – Contact for AWS/DevOps/SRE roles [not for Proxy!!] – for original profile only


Folks, I feel the IT individual professional need to learn a lot on the accelerating modern technology to implement. A self driven learning can boost the candidate like an Immunity boost to the human Body.

Many people can not do this by self. They need the boosters.

My coaching can work like a booster for you to self motivate and create a courage and confidence to implement these practices. In this post I would like to share the below.


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Following is on the Mock interviews service which I offer: 

I have conducted the Mock interviews for One experienced DevOps Sr. professional on the below roles, who attended a crash course in 2 months duration. He gained lot of courage and confidence later on. Now he is a Platform Architect. [not interested to reveal his details, as many people are disturbing him to clarify their non-sense doubts without understanding the value of this course and the curriculum, even after provided the courses specimen openly through blogs/videos]:  

1. Cloud Architect role

2. DevOps Architect Partner role

3. DevOps Engineer role

I have listed the above roles related video only in the below blog. He also attended for Sr.SRE roles also.

After completion of two stages of my coaching I do the above kind of mock interviews for my students.

But there is a separate mock interview service also I offer for the experienced Cloud/DevOps Professionals to groom them for interviews. Not for the fake profiles. I reject the fake profiles in my 1st 1-2 calls only.


You can attend “practice mock interviews” sessions. See the samples.


For mock interview on DevOps-Architect practices consulting position:


For a DevOps Engineer – Mock Interview:




HOW PROXY interview companies  ARE BEING OPERATED ?

How they have been stealing your jobs in the IT Market ?



What is Proxy interview ? [For client who conduct overseas or offsite interview]:

Instead of the candidate answering the questions by a Subject matter expert he/she talks.

These people might have attended 1000s of proxy interviews. You can identify they are very confident in the communication/subject, etc.. You will not find with them any defect!! So there woud’nt be rejection from you. [Infact, they are very hardworkers by doing several POCs practice with reference to the JDs.] Obviously you are forced to select. You might feel you did video interview also. There is a secret you need to understand. This guy sits in the back end of the monitor. The real guy sits infront of the Camera. So you will compare the photo and his face. You will not find any defect in the face right ? How the proxy guy can talk ? There will be splitter kind of equipment connect to the computer to have 2 headsets. So can you find a defect here ? No, it is hard for you to trace!!! The proxy organizers are very talented like hackers. You try to implement a security practice for interview, they identify a loop hole like a hacker and use it to get the approval done by you.

So you are royally! cheated very well to give the offer!!

Where and how these proxy organizing companies work ?

There are numerous body shoppers companies in North America. They take the OPT guys in the 2nd year and groom them to make their mind lazy by giving support by SME and job support also after they started working. They pay around 20-30% of your billing to the candidate and balance to SMEs/Profit share.

During the job how can you find this categories ?:

You avoid giving work from home options. Do a random smoke test daily. The poor guy will be exposed! and be helpless. He/she fails!! Because your greatest IT vendor molded him/her to make their mind lazy!! as impossible to learn and depend on SME like a drug edict.

For Candidates [Who had Proxy interview]:

What happens after proxy interview in the companies. You may get offer. But they do a smoke test kind of weekly tests. Then You will be burnt due to the client has got some feeling you are not the person spoke to them with the subject expertism during the interview. Hence we have come up with a proposal to get you self ready for interviews. Read the above content and come back for a discussion in a scheduled call. We want the people to self build themselves and not to get into the wrong shoes!! to become like a drug addict!!

For Freshers and intending to attend Proxy interviews !

Are you getting into the wrong shoes [Proxy] for client interviews ?
After you join in job [in India] what happens ?
Are you aware; your profile is going to be in Indian NASSCOM DB to track by your future employers [for Indian jobs].
So, whatever the current employer has the faked profile it is going to be entered by HRs after you are proved as fake profile, into NASSCOM DB.
In such case are you going to be into a right company in future ?
Do you want to destroy your career by proxy agents ?
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<—– FINAL NOTE FOR YOU ——->  For AWS Certification coaching

Please note this is going to be methodical coaching with lot of process related scenarios for each sub-topics as per the AWS Certification course contents. Hence we have our USP to differentiate with many others on this coaching. We consider very limited/selective people. Hence sharing you linkedin profile is mandatory. You can connect me there.  Before coming please watch all the videos on this webpage and also on youtube channel [Shanthi Kumar V]. We take care of each IT working professional for their career growth well in this competent world to beat the fake profiles well during the job/client interviews. This is the unique services provided by us well in this IT training/coaching industry. We want the existing IT Professionals to continue their ladder climbing.

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