On Job training for future Software engineers [freshers] how it saves their career time ?

I wrote this article to motivate the students who wants to build their own IT career faster in their early ages without depending on corporate to earn more perks in a faster way.

Student life

Lot of global IT services companies they conduct campus recruitment to select the top notch percentages acquired students to offer as software engineers.

During this process, each corporate might plan to groom the students on different skills in 6 to 10 months time by paying the agreed salary.

Once they are successful in their training and they can offer these candidates to different business units to hire them for their customer projects either under billable or non-billable. Depends on the projects requirement the candidates will be placed either on the candidate desired skills or non-desired skills.

Each fresher candidate [student] deployment onto the customer project might take typically 6 to 12 months; which includes their grooming/training on different skills. They will be placed onto the cusotmer projects with or without interviews.

SW-Eng interviews

Their productivity starts to corporate after one year of their joining time into the corporate company. Typically most of the corporate companies they recruit the students from the campus on bond for 2 years.

During this two years time each student might lose one year of their career time due to the corporate companies’ delays in their internal planning and adjustment of the selected students in different customer projects.

Sometimes, most of these students cannot be guided perfectly as corporate companies commit to students, due to lack of their internal mentors and all the processes are not synchronized across the company or by all locations. In such case the lucky students only can gain the advantages of the corporate companies’ commitments or professional lavishness.

Otherwise they to need burn themselves to pickup the technology skills to meet to the cusotmer requirements and also to the project role expectations.

Busy-SW Engr

Most of the students waste their time by hanging on to such campus recruitment process as they feel the large companies are their career guiders or ladders. 

But really the student has to stick on to the corporate to climb their ladder. Some freshers might have been groomed well because of they are placed by luck under good mentors. Most of them may not get this chance also.

What are the alternate ways to save freshers time?

There are few standard companies they consider the bright or non-bright students and groom them as Software engineers. During this process of grooming they will deploy them on to their internal development projects. They offer them as Trainee software engineer with the below models.

  1. Some of the companies they consider them on bond for 1 or 2 years without charge.
  2. Few companies they charge for the initial grooming time.


During the above process these companies adhere to the standard skill those are in demand of the market. With those industry demanded skills after completion off their trainee tenure either they can look for direct software engineer jobs or they can negotiate with the groomed companies to get a job with them.

Let us assume , If one candidate has learnt the skills with their live projects/products development activities he/she will be able to get a direct job more than the campus recruitment offer made by large corporate. And this candidate can save their time comparatively with their co-student who has joined in campus joining with the large corporate company. This way it saved his career building time and also he/she may get more offers in a year time.


When a fresher[college student] need to enter into a job market, he/she need to answer to the below questions:


What is the decision any young IT professional need to take in this dynamic changing IT environment?

Do I Have the capability to build my strategic career?

Do I need to stick or depend on through a company or need to make my own career plan?

Do I need to learn multiple skills initially to make myself with more returns?

Do I need to accelerate my competency? Or Do I need to have retardation by depending on a company?

Do I need to stick on to a corporate ladder or can I build my career bricks with day one foundation?

Do I need to build skills myself or depend on large corporate ?

Am I looking for a right company for my skills improvement in a faster way ?

Am I looking for any certifications for my long term career building ?

All the above scenarios a fresher need to determine and make a strong decision to accelerate their faster career building in this faster technology changing and competent environments.




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