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DevOps Practices & FAQs -3 [Domain area]

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Please read the previous FAQs series also: Devops-practices-faqs-1



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Following videos are made to elaborate on the need and advantages of thinking on conversion into DevOps Practices by IT Companies and the Professionals. Comparative reports have been incorporated.




What are the main activities you need to do before planning for cloud conversion?


What are the main activities you need to do before planning for cloud conversion?

Obviously, rather than thinking on the screen operations of a Cloud services products we need to understand your current network architecture.
Your network architecture is like software product.
Think, this product you are migrating to Cloud. Then you need to drill down each of the Network domains. Understand the public/private subnets how they were configured? How the IPs were used ?
Then you need to understand the cloud services vendor [which you want to use to migrate into it] products to map to your network components.
Then you need to compare with the cloud services components.

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