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How can you start your 2nd innings with Cloud job market ?

If you are from Legacy infra background and legacy infra projects are getting nullified from your IT services company.

Please note; the Technology trending brings out always to flush out the legacy practices.

And you might have been warned by your employer/client  to look for another job in the current job market with a caution of pink slip!!

  1. Can you get the job with legacy infra practices/experience, when all the IT infra setup is getting moved into Cloud to save the cost ?

  2. Do you think the recruiting teams are going to consider your legacy resume ?

  3. What are you going to do ?

  4. How to become competent learner ?

  5. How to avoid your life threating stress ?

  6. How to cope up with fast learning skills ?

  7. How to plan to focus and beat the current job market without wasting your time?

  8. How to save your time and continue to get the payslip with another employer ?

You might feel its a million dollar question  at this time.

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I have given the similar advise to Storage engineers to utilize effectively their time in their 2nd innings.

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