DevOps or Cloud Which is priority in IT?

Which priority Cloud or DevOps-2

DevOps or Cloud Which is priority in IT?

When we see the current IT industry technology migration, there are 2 common topics:

  • Cloud conversion
  • DevOps practices/implementation

When we check for priority, which one is top most ?

Let us consider the scenarios;

  1. If the IT systems are running still on traditional infrastructure, then Cloud is priority to save cost.
  2. If some of the IT systems are running in Cloud and need to continue Cloud conversion completely, yes then also Cloud conversion is priority rather than DevOps implementation.
  3. If the DevOps is implemented with traditional systems and not converted into cloud yet, yes Cloud is the priority then DevOps automation need to be implemented using the Cloud services.
  4. If the DevOps is an ongoing process along with Cloud means; They need to implement both of them in parallel, by taking each Sprint cycle for Cloud conversion and within this cycle the devops can be executed for the future cycles.

Hence if you consider any combination which is connected to Cloud The IT Management most prioritized responsibility is to save the Infra cost which is a direct savings. Hence they are forced to give priority for Cloud in the coming years.

  • Hence if one learns the Cloud technology it can stand years together.
  • Even DevOps also stands in the Industry.


  • If somebody says I want to live in a city, without a house [either by rent or own] you can not live there right ?
  • The same way without having the Infrastructure you can not run the show of IT systems.
  • You can not bear the costly house also right [the traditional infra]?
  • The Cloud migration is; like you need to move to a new house, when you migrate into cloud with the current IT systems.
  • Then later on the SDLC/Delvery processes [DevOps] tuning can happen.

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