Free Orientation for Test Analysts on Cloud/DevOps Practices

Folks, Greetings!
This message is for Test Analysts only——>
I am planning to conduct some orientation on the usage of Cloud/DevOps practices by the Test Analysts [these are the so called; the legacy Block-Box Testing professionals].
I also run my DevOps Practices group in FB with 600+ Pure global IT professionals. They keep learning through my Cloud/DevOps learning Units. It works well upto knowing the concepts and not to play the project role.
To join in any of my groups the following are must to accept as member:
1. You need to connect on Linkedin and send message on which group you want to join.
2. Then come to FB and connect me there with the same message.
3. I am removing the risks with fake ids through the above steps. Hence be patient to follow the above to move further.
Please note; I do not allow any marketing people into my group. Only the hardcore IT professionals are allowed after FB/Linkedin profile verification. These extensive efforts are made to educate the real IT professionals to transform into modern IT Stuff easily. Once they learn the concepts they can decide on which role they want to proceed to learn the advanced stuff through my coaching, if needed.
Good luck in your Career.

You can see my below blog also:

How Easily A Test Analyst can learn AWS with POCs ?

If you are a Black-box Testing Savvy years together and struck in learning Cloud technology, not able to coupe up for building modern test environments, this is the golden opportunity to learn and compete with others in the projects. After the course you will be able to define/design/execute your test environments in AWS. 

Send a message to book for a review call after reviewing the below content/videos.

  1. Are you a Test Analyst ?
  2. Did you do only black-box testing earlier ?
  3. Do you have confusion on learning Cloud computing ?
  4. Do you feel aloof for transforming into Cloud technology ?
  5. Do you need to setup the Test environment with Cloud only ?
  6. Are you not ableĀ  to catch up the technology skill which job role demands ?

Look for my customized course details for A Test analyst:

Join to learn:

Please contact through the below given#.

Test Analysts-Group-logo2

We have solutions for your issues, we coach Test Analysts to convert into modern Cloud technology usage [AWS only]. You can learn and do the practice like your black-box test cases. Check the below discussion videos also with a Sr. Test Analyst for AWS course:

Also look into the below video for a lab exercise like your test script steps to easily understand and build the required AWS service.

Look for a NON-IT Compliance Test Engineer performance from the below blogs, connected demos and review calls.

If you are really would like to perform the same way through this course connect me on linkedin to know each of us.

We have a “Pay As You Learn” [monthly] Option for working IT Professionals.

For Special Coaching details, visit:

For the the latest [as per the current needs] AWS/DevOps Course details, please visit the below blog:

I have made the below video after having calls with many Cloud professionals globally. Many of the Cloud Engineers are failing due to lack of the domain based skills. Even recently in top notch tech news sites they have published on how the Cloud projects are costing more inspite of saving the cost to the organizations. It is eventual to learn the domain based skills for the Cloud/DevOps professionals to meet the delivery cycle time.

Lack of Cloud skills for DevOps Engineer -2 [FAQs]: This video talks on the possibility of lack of Skills for some of the AWS Cloud/DevOps Engineers. Most of the IT employers are looking from the Cloud or DevOps engineers the Environment building automatically with DevOps process/IAC. In this video the DevOps process and its automation process is discussed for feasible interview questions by mapping to the AWS-DevOps. And what role people can learn by self and who are the roles can not learn by self with the reasons.

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