10. AWS-SAA: What is S3 Bucket CRR ?- discussion/practice video


Let us assume an international bank has daily transactions files in different global regions. Those need to be shared across globe for different business users purpose in each country. They should be able to access them for their dashboards. This example talks on this kind of cross data sharing scenario using “S3-Bucket Cross Region Replication [CRR]”.

At the end of this blog, you can find the same scenario simulation using AWS S3-Buckets.

If you want its theory/definition, you can visit:


This is the discussion video on How to apply S3-Bucket objects for Cross Region Replication [CRR]?


You can also see the below video on S3 Patterns usage discussion:

Visit for your online coaching:


For S3-Objects lab practice visit:


Visit for free concepts learning:

To join DevOps Practices group visit:


To join Cloud Practices group visit:




For CRR Practice videos, visit the below links:



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